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Boom Beach

Mar 24

In order to get ahead at Boom Beach, you need to know what to do, and in order to know that, you need to have good strategies and to stick to them. And perhaps, the most important strategies in this game are the upgrade strategies. Many people don’t really know what to make of them, or even what they are, and that is why we have decided to tell you a bit more about them. So, here are some of the upgrade strategies that you ought to keep an eye on.

The most important upgrade strategy is having a good plan. And this plan should go as follows: you ought to save up some resources, as well as the bases with a lot of loot. Then, you need to wait for Dr Terror or get your daily supply of reward boats. Another thing you can do is boosting your statues, and this will give you some extra power.

So, when it comes to saving up the resources, you need to know that you can save them in your buildings, which you can protect with a vault. Keep the vault at maximum, and this will prevent the looting when you’re being attacked.

Then, as we have already said, you need to save up bases, and you can do that by attacking those with low loot. This will give you some intel for this. This should be started at least 24 hours before the time of the upgrade.

Waiting for Dr terror is another thing you can do, and this is great because he gets really predictable, and you can almost be guaranteed that you will get some loot, but that you can also lose a lot from doing this. Also, these daily reward boats are great, and the best way to do it is to collect the prize from both the yesterday’s boat and the today’s boat. This will give you the double prize, but you need to pick the right moment for this, because you need to pick the first one in order to get the second one.


You can also try to get more diamonds for Boom Beach, because it allows you to be wealthier, which is always a good thing in this game. Also, as we have said, boosting can help out a lot. Start boosting your statues, and it depending on what you’re trying to do, you ought to pick which ones of them you should boost. Some players can’t afford to do this, which is why it is always great to get some wealth first.

And finally, there is one thing that every Boom beach player needs to know, and that is the fact that playing this game for more than 3.5 hours can be counterproductive. It is really important to get your device to be operational for these 3.5 hours, which means that you ought to charge it properly, that you shouldn’t pick up the phone if it rings, that you need to adjust the screen, etc.

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